Apple Arcade offers up 100+ exclusive(-ish) mobile games for $4.99 a month

Apple has offered more details on its upcoming cross-platform subscription service Apple Arcade, detailing some of the exclusive games due out for the service as well as its cost early on in today’s big Apple announcement.

In short, the subscription library opens up to iPhone, Mac, and iPad users on September 19 in 150 countries. The service will run $4.99 a month for a family subscription, but opens with a 1-month free trial right out of the gate.

Apple Arcade itself lives in a new tab in Apple’s existing App Store. In addition to housing the service’s entire library, that tab offers up personalized game recommendations, trailers, and curated editorial content like guides and previews on its front page.

The presentation hammered home that the goal of the service is to offer access to games that are entirely exclusive to Apple Arcade, at least on mobile. Games launched on Apple Arcade won’t be playable on iOS (or seemingly other mobile platforms) outside of the service.

One named exclusive, Annapurna Interactive published Sayonara Wild Hearts, for instance, is already confirmed as a Switch release, but is exclusively housed in the Apple Arcade library on mobile.

Apple says Arcade offers over 100 games in its library at launch, and the company has plans to launch exclusive games (“not on any other mobile platform or subscription service”) on a monthly basis after launch.

Three games were detailed during the stream (Frogger in Play Town from Konami, Shinsekai Into The Depths from Capcom, and the aforementioned Annapurna Interactive title), while the remaining 97 plus games will be detailed leading up to the service’s launch later this month.

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